10 reasons to invest in Paraná

  1. SKILLED WORKFORCE: with high productivity rate as compared to other Brazilian regions; it is composed of over 180 higher education institutions and 400 career and technical education institutions. 


  1. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Benchmark research institutes and over 30 technological incubators. 


  1. QUALITY OF LIFE: Paraná state has one of Brazil’s highest human development indexes, including the country’s best city to live in. 


  1. STRATEGIC LOCATION: for domestic and foreign trade, add to infrastructure, Paraná facilitates access to the Southern, South-Eastern and West-Central regions of Brazil, as well as to South American and Mercosur countries. 


  1. ABUNDANT RENEWABLE ENERGY: Paraná state is Brazil’s major electric power generator. It has 32 hydroelectric plants and the world’s major electric power plant. 


  1. ONE OF THE MAJOR INDUSTRIAL POLES OF BRAZIL: Some 40,000 industries across the State’s different regions, which generate 25% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Paraná state, for a total of over 760,000 jobs. 


  1. ECONOMIC DIVERSITY: secured by the share of companies of the most varied sectors: food and beverage, automotive, electric materials, information and communication technology, paper and cellulose, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, oil and gas, textile and garment, timber and metalworking 


  1. ECONOMIC GROWTH: above the national average, which places Paraná State among Brazil’s major economies. Paraná state is the 5th major GDP, which has attracted R$ 40 billion ((approx. US$ 13 billion) in direct investment over the past five years 


  1. COMPETITIVENESS: Brazil’s second more competitive state, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit, as a result of favorable business and investment environment, fiscal soundness, and social improvement. 


  1. CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Paraná state has one of Brazil’s major ethnic diversities, as a result of immigration from more than 70 countries. German, Polish, Ukrainian, Italian, Japanese, and Arab immigrants established colonies across the state’s regions. 


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The International Business Center of Paraná supports foreign investment and the promotion of international partnerships through: 

• Supply of material with political, administrative and legal organization;  

• Availability of economic data, costs and general projections regarding the state of Paraná;  

• Detailed studies of priority sectors;  

• Investment opportunities identification;  

• Coordination with public and private entities to provide strategic information;  

• Support in identifying potential suppliers, partners and allies;  

• Information on the legal steps necessary to start a business; 

 • Arrangement of business meetings and technical visits;  

• Personalized support. 


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