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Ajinomoto Innovation Alliance Program (AIAP) 2017


Ajinomoto Innovation Alliance Program (AIAP) 2017



From the "Aji-no-moto" umami seasoning to a diversity of products utilizing biotechnology such as various foods, amino acid products, pharmaceuticals and more, the objective of Ajinomoto Group is to be "A group of companies that contributes to human health globally" by continually creating unique value to benefit customers.

The Ajinomoto Innovation Alliance Program (AIAP) is searching for open innovation opportunities with researchers and research institutions across the globe in order to create new value. In its R&D activities, it has started the Program, so that technology and research can contribute to improving the lives of people around the globe since 2013.

Note: The maximum research period per project is two years.

Data Limite

March 17, 2017 (JST).


Research institutions, academia, companies, and other organizations which explore the fields of medicine, veterinary science, pharmacology, physiology, biology, nutritional science, botany, molecular biology, chemistry and so on, are eligible to apply.

Note: Applicants must read the Eligible Research for more information.

Valor Financiado

Maximum of US$100,000.00 in direct costs per annum for up to two years of total support.

Forma de Solicitação

Applicants must apply Online.

Note: Applicants must read the Selection and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


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